Crowman Burana
Crowman Burana is a special collaboration between the University of Central Oklahoma's Wind Symphony and the UCO Department of Design with the Edmond Community Chorale, Santa Fe High School, and Edmond Youth Chorus. The performance features music from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana and the department of design illustration students. I wrote the adaptation, created the live slide show, edited the video, and designed the BluRay cover.
Crowman Burana - Full Performance from October 18, 2016
Individual Movements

Movement 1 - O Fortuna
After many years of battle Avon, King of Crows is perplexed by his fate. The stronger he becomes… the more he is weakened. His youthful ambition has turned into an addiction that cannot be refused. Nothing soothes. Nothing brings joy. But still he moves forward. Heavy is the head that wears the crown.
Movement 2 - Fortune plango vulnera
King Avon’s frenetic pace is never enough, and the dawn of peace remains beyond the horizon. Through the fog of war decisions have been made, and many lives hang in the balance. Marlo, Prince of the Green Valley is approaching, and with regret the King must protect his kingdom. But today the wounds of fortune are too great. Today is a new day, a new beginning. Long live Marlo, King of Crows!
Movement 3 - Ecce Gratum
Winter has ended and a new cycle begins. New life will emerge from the magical valley beyond the horizon. In this place hope springs eternal.
Movement 4 - Tanz
In the Green Valley young lovers, Marlo and Anne, begin the dance of lovers.
Movement 5 - Floret Silva Nobilis
Young lovers are as fickle as the spring and perhaps find each other too easily. Marlo and Anne are unaware they look forward to the summer with different visions. Marlo is restless, and Anne is reserved. They dance the dance of fortune together, and yet they dance alone.
Movement 6 - Were Diu Werlt Alle Min
While her lover seeks his fortune, Anne prepares for two futures… one with him and one without.
Movement 7 - Amor Volat Undique
Young Marlo is mesmerized by the Golden Forest. Adventure begets ambition, and the metropolis provides many opportunities for conquest. Life in the Green Valley seems a million miles away…
Movement 8 - Ego Sum Abbas
Determined to make his mark, Marlo will challenge anyone who stands in his way, but today he has underestimated his opponent. The Abbot of the Golden Forest presents a gift of fortune to Marlo of the Green Valley, but one day the gift will be bestowed upon another... miles away.
Movement 9 - In Taberna Quado Sumas
Life in the Golden Forest is frenetic, and not all crows have the same passions. Some seek riches. Some seek power. Some seek purity. But they are not welcome in this place. For these are the drinkers and gamblers, and they seek the pleasures of the night!
Movement 10 - In Trutina
After many battles, Marlo returns to the Green Valley. He is changed by the experience, but wisdom does not come easily to the restless. Anne has waited patiently, and her love begins anew.
Movement 11 - Dulcissime
Anne’s faith is rewarded, and fickle fortune smiles sweetly once more…
Movement 12 - Ave Formosissima
The following season Marlo’s ambition has returned. All hail the Prince and Princess of the Green Valley! Together they will seize the Kingdom of the Crows and bring peace and prosperity
Movement 13 - O Fortuna
After many years of battle Marlo, King of Crows is perplexed by his fate. The loss of Queen Anne has made him indifferent to his fortune, but with peace still on the horizon many lives hang in the balance. Matilda, Princess of the Golden Forest is approaching, and with regret the King must protect his kingdom. But today the wounds of fortune are too great. Long live Matilda, Queen of Crows!