Oh, I used to be disgusted
Now I try to be amused
But since their wings have got rusted
the angels want to wear my
gray shoes
I have worked as a graphic designer, web designer, hi-tech project manager, business consultant, and even an ice sculptor. I played guitar for the industrial metal band Ministry during the 1992 Lollapalooza Tour. I was an audio and video producer for Rolling Stone Online in the late 90s. I've worked as a volunteer on an organic farm in Maine. I lived in Nicaragua for a couple of years on the Pacific coast.
I studied engineering, business, fine arts, industrial design, and furniture design over more than two decades at six different institutions across the US before receiving my BFA from the University of Central Oklahoma. A few years later. I received my MFA from the Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis. I teach at Kansas State University as an Assistant Professor.
As you might imagine. I'm in no real hurry to get anywhere in particular. I like learning how to make things as much as I like making them. I have only a very small group of friends at a time, but I have moved around so much that they are sprinkled all over time and space. All of you have been and remain incredibly important to me. If you're a long lost (or recently lost!) friend, you can always contact me if you're going to be close to Kansas.